Messages & Miracles

from Spencer Who Never Spoke Words

Listen to the Silence is an inspiring and enlightening co-creation between Spencer and his mother Gina. Though Spencer never spoke words, from the time he was born, he was communicating with Gina telepathically and sending her messages in the most miraculous ways. The messages and miracles Spencer shares have not ceased since his transcendence to light at age 23 in 2019. Listen to the Silence will inspire you to believe in new possibilities, mend your relationship with the unknown, and show you how to receive the messages meant for you, by Listening to the Silence. 

Enjoying life on the beach with my Madre when we lived in our villa in Belize.


The Journey

Chapter 1

What Is Joy?

Chapter 2

Let's Talk About Orbs

Chapter 3

Shifting Shapes

Chapter 4

Miracles & Magic

Chapter 5

Speaking Through Songs

Chapter 6

Playing With Numbers

Chapter 7

Seven Silent Years

Chapter 8

The Jasons

Chapter 9

Endings Matter

Spencer is an orb in the moonlight on the ocean.

About The Book

What to Expect

The relationship between Spencer and his Earth Mother, Gina, goes beyond words. This is a grateful connection of the heart that ignites waves of revelation. Join Spencer and Gina on their enchanting journey, as you ride on dragon back into the waves of the deepest parts of you. Spencer never spoke words yet has a very special gift to give the world. The Messages & Miracles interwoven into this magical co-creation between mother and son will unlock a door you didn’t even know existed inside you, to a place called Love.

Explore a world that may be foreign to you, or perhaps way too close to home, as Gina fights for Spencer’s sovereignty every step of his life. Gina inspires throughout this work, providing a glowing representation of the amazing healing that can occur when we empower our children through any difficulty in life, always, in all ways. 

You will be swept away by the amazing adventures that Spencer was able to take in his life as a person who was diagnosed with “failure to thrive” and given up on by the medical system. Experiencing Spencer’s story will paint a picture of a life that we all deserve to live and how to overcome any supposed “obstacles” standing in your way. One of the many gifts that Spencer has given to us in this book is a shining example of how to embody your fullest empowerment to live your greatest and most joyous life possible, simply teeming with miracles that you never recognized before.

Discover how to reconnect with yourself, your highest potential, and even loved ones that you have lost. Gina’s powerful connection with her son has transcribed for us a work that will expand your capabilities to tap into the language of Spirit and restore your connected freedom with those you love.

Spencer would like to take a moment to personally thank you for being here. As the powerful Light Being that he is, it is known that you are here for a reason and this work is meant for you. Spencer has a plan for everything, as you will soon find, and that means he has a plan for you. Take your time with this book, allow yourself to drink it in and fill your cup. Give yourself space to feel, integrate, and heal with the messages in the silence that are meant for you, and be prepared to watch your life transform. Believing is seeing, and Listen to the Silence shines a spotlight on the miracles in your life that makes them impossible to ignore any longer.

We are so grateful you’re here.

Spencer Lloyd Gray

Unconditional Love

Spencer Lloyd Gray is an extraordinarily wise Watcher soul that lived 23 years in his hue-manifestation form. Though Spencer never spoke, Listen to the Silence is his legacy of unconditional love, as illustrated from his point of view. You will have the opportunity to know Spencer through this work, as his personality, humor, and vigor for life are pillars that support you through this journey.

Spencer lived his life with intention, knowing that “Every man dies, but not every man lives”. He personifies for us the magic of living your life without limiting beliefs, of transcending any obstacles, and accepting all outcomes without judgment. You will know for certain in your heart that everything is perfect through the eyes of acceptance, and be imbued with the conviction to stand in your power. Spencer mirrors these qualities for you in a way that is accessible, achievable, and overflowing with joy; one Spencpiration at a time.

Spencer “peeked” into my bedroom window on February 8, 2022 and played Michael Jackson singing “sometimes I feel like somebody’s watching me” in my head until I turned around to see these two orbs looking directly at me at 9:30 in the morning. When I turned around, he said, "I’ve always got your back . . . and Alexis’ too!"
Spencer expressing his excitement and gratitude for his new jaguar and owl from Mexico.